Prep Teams

-Great for Beginners! Introduction to All-star competitive cheer. 

-Local Competitions in the Carolina's.

-1 Day Competitions.


Deposit $150 (includes uniform)

Monthly Tuition- $90 (includes 1-2 practices a week and 1 mandatory tumble class)-Due 1st of each month.

             Tuition Discounts- 10% Military or/ First Responder,35% Sibling (2nd child) ,50% Sibling (3rd child)

Competition Fees, Choreography & Music - $400 total-(divided into 6 payments of $67.00 on the 15th of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr) Competition fees go directly to the competition venue.

Shoes- any black cheer shoe.

If we receive a very rewarding bid to US Finals in Virginia Beach, we WILL ATTEND. There is an additional competition fee price determined by how well we place in the season.

Date:     Normally 1st week of May

Price-     Free-Gold Bid    $89-First Place, $99-Second Place, $119-Third Place

Coach Travel- $40


Cheer Practices- Monday or Wednesdays 6-8

Choose tumble class day according to what is convenient to your schedule.

**practices can be added or extended if the athletes need more time to prepare, or if the routine needs improvement.